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Speedy Hot Water Tanks is a locally owned business that has been serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1995. Our goal is to make you more comfortable in your home. Whether you need water tank maintenance, or an energy-efficient hot water tank replacement, speedy Hot Water Tanks can help. No matter what type of hot water tanks you have, our professionals are fully trained and certified to service or replace it.

Hot Water Tank Installation & Maintenance

Hot Water Tanks

Water heating is typically the second largest energy expense in your home. Heating your water typically accounts for about 14% of your energy bill. An old hot water heater can operate for years at very low efficiency before it finally fails.

Many homeowners wait until their water heater fails before shopping for a replacement. Purchasing and operating a hot water tank can vary greatly depending on the type and model selected, as well as the overall quality of the installation.

We sell the highest quality of hot water tanks and guarantee exceptional service.